Our Solutions

Single Sign-On

Let user submit credentials once and access all on premise and cloud services


  • Enrich user experiences by reducing repetitive credential submissions
  • Improve management and governance via centralized credential management and control
  • Reduce administration efforts for managing different credentials for different services

Multi-factor Authentication

Ask user to provide a strong or multi-factor authentication based on access scenarios such as accessing from overseas or accessing some highly confidential data


  • Protect critical information by enforcing strong authentication
  • Support different MFA type including SMS, One Time Password (OTP), Certificate, Hard/Soft-token, Voice, QR code, etc

Identity Proofing

Verify a person's identity before issuing them accounts and credentials


  • Ensure users are who they claim to be and reduce risk and possible loss due to identity theft and fraud schemes
  • Distinguish the right customers so that the services go to the right people
  • Protect user's privacy and confidential information

Access Governance

Certify and control who has access to what within the organisation


  • Reduce risk by ensuring right identity have the right accesses and privileges
  • Enable proper access decisions by providing enterprise-wide identity access visibility
  • Ensure right access at all times by putting prevention and detection controls based on corporate policies

Directory Service

Provide a secure, holistic, organised, scalable, robust and managed identity data using hierarchical data structure and access protocol LDAPv3


  • Easy to manage and locate resources and services distributed throughout the network
  • Consolidate the number of repositories in use and reduce administrative overheads hence enhance operational efficiency
  • Tighten control over the security of user information and resource access

API Gateway/Mobile Apps SSO

Securely open data and services to partners, developers, mobile apps, cloud services and smart devices


  • Optimize productivity through uniformity and accessibility of data
  • Achieve real-time data exchange securely between platforms and applications
  • Provide better customer and partner experiences for mobile and web-based applications

Privileged Access Management

Monitor and protect system and superuser accounts in your organization


  • Ensure individuals who have not passed checking do not get access to sensitive information
  • Isolate the use of privileged accounts to reduce the risk of those credentials being stolen